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Download Our Ultimate Guide to Enterprise SaaS & Cloud for Buy-Side firms

If you’re a CEO, COO, CIO (Chief Investment Officer), Business analyst, Consultant or in any other way involved in system selection and/or implementations on the buy-side; this guide is for you! 

What you will learn from this guide

It’s our hope that by the end of this guide, you should know:

  • What all buzzwords like cloud-native, enterprise SaaS etc mean

  • How we got to the current system landscape within front office and middle office 

  • What the future holds for investment technology

  • The pros and cons with choosing different types of cloud solutions

  • Which type of software is the best fit for your firm


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Why we created this guide

From our experiences as former investment managers, we grew frustrated with vendors who lacked a genuine understanding of navigating volatile markets and the challenges of managing redemptions while ensuring the accuracy of portfolio data.

Feeling dissatisfied with the services we were paying for, we encountered solutions that were either difficult to implement or lacked the necessary flexibility to support our alpha-generating workflows. It was this frustration that drove us to create Limina. Our mission was clear: to develop and provide an Enterprise SaaS Front to Middle office solution tailored to the needs of asset managers.

We understand the struggles of being in your position, faced with the daunting task of selecting the right systems. Transparent and reliable information is often scarce, just as it was for us. This guide was born out of the same motivation that led to the creation of Limina. We wanted to offer something we desperately sought but couldn't find: honest and reliable information. Our hope is that this guide will save you time and prevent you from making the costly mistake of choosing a suboptimal solution.